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Cinnamon Sugar

The most popular topping choice on our menu. Great fresh, great to-go, no matter which way you have these bad boys they're sure to knock your socks off!

Powdered Sugar

Not exactly a funnel cake but our powdered sugar mini donuts sure do taste like one! A bite-sized treat that is great fresh, on-the-go, and next-day. These donuts are a staple in the mini donut universe and the best part is, it's food that you can wear!

Chocolate Sauce

Few things compare to the luxury taste of our chocolate drizzled mini donuts. We HIGHLY recommend you eat these fresh, and for a touch of class, ask for some powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

Caramel Sauce

This one is for all the caramel lovers out there, we are with you!! Our caramel drizzled mini donuts provide that delicious, Fall taste no matter the time of year. Dress it up with some powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar to take it to the next-level and make sure to eat these FRESH. 

Raspberry Sauce

If you like toaster strudels, then our raspberry mini donuts are right up your alley. An incredible berry sauce poured on top of a melt-in-your-mouth donut provides peak deliciousness, make sure to top this one with powdered sugar for the expert-level experience.


The S'more has been called "the most offensive assault on the human palette ever contrived." We beg to differ, and so does everyone who has encountered this party-favorite topping. If you want to impress guests of all ages, the S'mores is a sure-bet.

We Cater Mini Donut Excellence

Our catering service offers a wide variety of mini donut toppings ranging from cult-classics like cinnamon sugar & powdered sugar, to modern renditions like our Apple Bliss. We can serve inside or outside, with or without electricity, and we can dress to meet your party needs or theme. 

It's a personalized dessert, made fresh-to-order for your guests! Donut miss out on booking us for your next event.

Dessert Never Tasted So Good

Our team is dedicated to providing professional, personal, and exceptional dessert service. With 10+ years in the industry, we truly cater to YOU!

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George Nicholas Jr.

Co-Owner & Founder

George Nicholas Sr.

Owner & Founder

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